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Cheap Airport Transfer 

Best prices for all type of transfers in Belarus Airport.

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Our Hotel Offers in Belarus.

You can check many online platforms to find your hotel in Belarus but if you call us we will give you price with special discounts and we will take you from airport or wherever you want and you will pay in your hotel. No extra fee !

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Invest in Bekarus  

There are many opportunities in Belarus and we are waiting you invest in safe and beautiful country.

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We provide
you all for your needs!

“We are Belarus” is non-commercial platform and we are trying to be bridge between Belarus and all other people who want to travel or set up a new business.

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We provide relaxing and happiness with our free offers.


Free Walking Tours in English

Minsk Free Tour
Totally FREE 2.5-hour city tour and great paid tours!
Great routes which cover must-see places off the beaten track!
Charismatic, entertaining and experienced local tour guides who love Minsk and speak English fluently!
100% satisfaction guarantee



Free Bike Tours

You can join our FREE bike tours with your bike or you can rent bikes.Tour is around 3 hours with history and fun with our free drinks.

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Translation in Russian or Belarussian Language

Are you in Belarus and do you need native speakers or guides for your business or holiday ? Our guides can speak English, German, French, Turkish beside Russian Language. If you need us as a guide or translator don’t hesitate to ask.

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I am Kate. Do you need help or advice in Belarus ?

Hello from Minsk !

Do you need transfer from Airport ?

Do you want to join tours in Belarus ?

Do you need to rent a car ?

Do you need  Hotel offers with special offers ?

Do you want to open your company in Belarus ?

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Free Activities


Does anyone want to join  Yoga or Pilates  with classes in English ? We are not a company – We don’t have place – Our place is lovely Minsk nature 🙂 You can join for  FREE !

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HISTORY with Coffee Meetings

Do you lıke history ? Do you like coffee ? We are waiting you to different cafes every week in Minsk to meet and have fun with history ! Every week different topic and you can be our speaker with your country history. It will be so much FUN !

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We all need Russiam Language here in Minsk ! We willl only pay native teachers coffee thats all !  Join us for FREE !

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:


Osman was really awesome and I had a terrific time riding bikes around Minsk as he showed me the city he is so proud of. His personality is extremely infectious and he is the type of easy-going happy-go-lucky person we should be blessed to have in our lives. I’m a better person for having known him and I hope I get the chance to meet him again soon. If you have the chance to meet him, don’t hesitate because you’ll have a great time.

Michael Chau

Miami, FL, USA



Osman is fantastic guy. We met on my first day when I arrived in Minsk and after a rough arrival turned the day into a great oneSo good was the day in fact we met the next day and did it all again with a couple of Austrians visiting a cool museums and forest this time with his bikes (he has numerous)He got me out of trouble when I had some travel issues and recommended many ways to make things easier in Belarus.I’d definitely reccomend him to anyone looking to turn their izmir experience into something special

Jake Loveland

Shepherds Bush, London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


I joined Osman’s tour on my first day in Minsk and it was a perfect starter for a week-long travel there. He knows soooo much and smiles constantly. His smile and happiness is really infectious. Suddenly you’ll be super happy too.
We were a small group of six people and decided to turn the walking tour into a bicycle tour. This is something very rare in Belarus. People usually don’t cycle that much, but cycling through Minsk still felt super safe because somehow people respect cyclists. In Europe, where I’m from, that’s not really the case anymore.

Claudia Lange

Berlin, Germany

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Our Team




He is living in Minsk more than 20 years. He knows all about city and + speaks English and Spanish. Igor is awesome guide and in your service 7/24.


+90 532 620 18 12




He is teacher and knows Russian and Belarussian and Ukranian and Turkish.He is always ready to help you on the line or if you need local guide for all your needs just send us message on Whatsapp


+90 532 620 18 12



Guide for Health

She is Certified Pilates and Yoga Teacher in Minsk. She can speak English and Persian besides Russian Language.


+90 532 620 18 12



Guide for  FUN

He is Doctor and speaks English and Bosnian and  Croatian and Serbian language besides Russian Language.


+90 532 620 18 12


Contact us

Whatsapp  : +90 532 620 18 12

Instagram: we.are.belarus

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